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Our expertise is to help transform your home into a sanctuary of good energy, love, warmth and a meaningful spiritual connection cultivated through the appreciation of fine arts.

Our art school offers courses for art lovers of all ages through online and physical lessons. We believe that art in community cultivates good taste and appreciation for art, heritage and culture.

Hand Painting Seascape Acrylic on Canvas

  • ArtisticallySiti

    Born 1980, Siti Kamariah Ahmad Subki is a Malaysian artist who works in acrylic, oil and watercolor. A self-taught artist, she began her art career in the early 2000, painting Australian seascapes, where she spent close to 8 years studying and working. A short career stint with the United Nations in New York City in 2015, revitalized her art journey with various exposures to contemporary art techniques through attending short courses and regular visits to the museums and art galleries. Her various travels have brought her across the oceans and certain countries such as Australia, Turkey, France, Russia, Tajikistan, USA and naturally Malaysia and South East Asia have inspired many of her artistic endeavors. Her works tries to capture the vital forces and energies of a time and space, as evident in the Gathering Energies, Seven Seas, the Longing and Memories Series. Her favourite place to visit is the sea, where she is most happy and feels strongly connected to the soul of the place.

    10% of proceeds goes to animal rescue works and various charitable efforts.

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